Selling Policies

Selling Policies

Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on 'Druzza' . Seller offenses and prohibited content can result in suspension of your 'Druzza' account.

1--Seller has to meet and exceed goals of more than 75% .

* Example* 

Feedback: 75% positive, Otherwise your store will be downgraded, If it is less then 65% then your store will be suspended. 

2--Any breach of unprofessional business practices will result in termination of the account.

3-- If any seller lists a glass filled or any synthetic Gemstone or fake jewelry  (that we don't allow to sell on 'Druzza' ), Account will be suspended and store will be closed immediately.

4-- Possibilities for a account's suspension or termination;

▪️ Seller's failure in shipping the items to a buyer or unable to refund payment in a timely manner. ▪️Continuous mistakes in auction listing. 

▪️Copyright infringement 


--Heated - Unheated-- , 

--Adidas shoe original--Adidas shoe copy --, ▪️Selling gold plated jewelry as gold jewelry  ▪️Seller listing a synthetic stone or glass filled Gemstone 

▪️Seller found dealing with ’Druzza’ customers by not using 'Druzza' as the platform. 

▪️Seller being rude or abusive. 

▪️Seller found bidding up on their own listing. 


▪️Fees should be paid before 10th of each month. 

▪️Seller must have accurate descriptions and use correct categories



▪️All purchased items; indeed auction wins have a 20 days period of return. 

▪️If the buyer is not satisfied, the refundable amount to the buyer must tally with the amount of original transaction. 


5--Sellers can contact their buyers regarding a specific purchase but are not permitted to contact buyers who have not purchased from them. 

6--Sellers are strictly not permitted to message any buyer regarding self promotion, "spammy" messages and harassment. 

7--If Seller is found "handing over" or selling their store to another individual, store will be terminated immediately.

8--If Seller's account is suspended for any reason, any amount overdue will become due and payable immediately.   

9--The "druzza" Limited reserves the right to remove, suspend or ban any store or individual without prior notice!