Prohibited items on 'druzza' 

Prohibited items on 'druzza' 

Prohibited items on 'druzza' 

In order to preserve a user friendly environment on our online platform, 'druzza' has imposed several rules and regulations that would enhance the convenience of our customers!


'druzza' users remain responsible for adhering to all the following laws, regulations or restrictions on items, services, or manner of sale, payment or exchange, that may apply to transactions in which they participate and those who dont adhere to the below rules will have to face consequences! We encourage you to research the applicable laws and regulations that may apply to your transaction.

So, Here is the list of items for sale and services; the advertisement of which is unethical on 'druzza' 

Adult content

▪️Products that portray nudity in a gratuitous or graphic manner, including but not limited to pornography & X-rated movies

▪️Nude images of any sort, unless they have substantial social, artistic, or political value

Sexual health products & sexual aid devices

▪️Adult-only novelty items

▪️Offer or solicitation of illegal prostitution

▪️All lingerie pictures must be tactful (no nudity)


▪️Animals and animal products & medications

▪️Household pets of any kind including but not limited to dogs, cats, primates, cage birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish

▪️Pet & wildlife parts, blood, or fluids, including but not limited to breeding services, ejiao and badger fur

▪️Parts or products from federally endangered or threatened species, including fur and feathers

▪️Over-the-counter and prescription veterinary drugs or related products

▪️Medical devices for pets which require a veterinary prescription


▪️Motor vehicles that require registration

▪️Vehicle airbags and airbag covers

▪️Vehicle airbag inflators and airbag components

▪️Motorcycle helmets that do not meet Federal ▪️Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218

▪️Vehicle seat belts and seat belt components

Cosmetics, skin & hair care

▪️Used cosmetics, makeup sponges or applicators

▪️Cosmetics, colognes, perfumes, lotions which do not come in the original container

▪️Tester and sample items, including perfume testers or samples labeled "not intended for resale" or products which do not contain labeling with a list of ingredients

Currency, coins, cash & gift cards

▪️Counterfeit currency, coins, stamps, tickets, and paper money, as well as equipment designed to make them

▪️Imitation and prop money that is not conspicuously marked “Copy”

▪️Coupons or gift cards that restrict transfer, and coupons or gift cards which you are not authorized to sell

▪️State or federal assistance benefits

▪️Electronically delivered gift cards

Dietary supplements

▪️Dietary supplements, such as weight loss products, that contain undeclared or prohibited active pharmaceutical ingredients, or are marketed as unapproved new drugs

▪️Nonprescription drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims or treatment claims that require FDA approval

▪️Products that have been the subject of a prior regulatory action, such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning letters, safety alerts, or recalls, Drug Enforcement ▪️Administration (DEA) emergency scheduling, and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) orders or guidance

▪️Nonprescription drugs, supplements and topical products must be labeled in English, or dual-language including English and a foreign language, per CDC requirements

Digital books and textbooks

▪️Digital versions (e.g PDFs or other electronic copies) of textbooks, testing materials, instructor solution manuals, test banks, or related copyrighted works

▪️Any illegal e-Book

Drugs & drug paraphernalia

▪️Controlled substances or illegal drugs and narcotics, including substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances

▪️Products that cause or simulate the effects of any illegal drug, such as marijuana, hallucinogens, unwashed poppy seeds, and opium-based drugs

▪️CBD, hemp and hemp seeds           ▪️Products that enable a user to gain unauthorized access (or make unauthorized changes) to systems, devices, or property such as jailbroken products and hacking devices

Offensive materials

▪️Items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views

▪️Listings that graphically portray graphic violence or victims of violence, unless they have substantial social, artistic, or political value

Plants and seeds

▪️Restricted or regulated plants and insects, including but not limited to noxious weeds, endangered plant species, or live insects or pests

Plants, Plant Products, and Seeds must meet Federal Trade Commission regulations to be truthful, not misleading, and backed by scientific evidence

Tobacco or nicotine products and accessories

Weapons and related items

▪️Firearms, BB guns, scopes, silencers, ammunition and  ammunition magazines

▪️Disguised, undetectable or switchblade knives and pocket knives

▪️Martial arts weapons

▪️Hunting equipment including but not limited to crossbows, bows, spear guns, throwing spears and hunting knives

▪️Tear gas, mace or pepper spray

▪️Stun guns or tasers

▪️Toy, imitation, or "look-alike" firearms that do not have required markings, including cell phone cases and purses that resemble firearms

▪️Toy crossbows that have the capability of shooting small, sharp projectiles (e.g., toothpicks, pins)

Other prohibited items

▪️Subscriptions to magazines, newspapers periodicals and other publications, whether physically or digitally delivered

▪️Wholesale and distributor lists

▪️Airline tickets that restrict transfer and tickets of any kind which you are not authorized to sell

▪️Used bedding and clothing, unless sanitized in accordance with law

▪️Pre-orders of any kind or listings which a seller does not currently have in-stock

▪️Listings that violate the intellectual property rights of brands or other rights owners